Actually for official registration member is open to Malaysia Citizen, but anybody can join our gathering (TT) and register at our forum according to our forum and club rules.

How to be Official SatriaNeoClub.Com Members

1.) Please register at our Satria Neo Club . Com Forum

2.) Introduce yourself in the thread provided and make sure you updated your data at userpanel (up) specially your birth date and location (important!)

3.) To get the URL sticker, must attend to any Official TT (TT only made ​​announcements regarding the Website, FB Group, and also pages SNC and FB accounts only). spreading apart of the list above is not the official

4.) For numbering, Fill the form with the Secretary of Region where you ... are. Matters numbering is right comittee region respectively in determining your eligibility based on your commitment to the club; example the presence of TT and so on.

5.) Any questions refer to the head region / state leaders respectively.
so, TQ


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